Elite striptease club
"Gentlemen's House"

Daily from 21:30 to 05:00

Minsk, st. Zybitskaya, 9

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Our Masha about striptease for onliner.by

Striptease dancer Maria Kurochkina: erotica is great, but the fact that husbands go to talk to a strip club is a disaster.

Maria Kurochkina – has been dancing since childhood, has been doing striptease for 5 years. She worked in the best clubs in Minsk. She lived for four years in China, where she worked as a dancer in theaters and clubs. Today she performs at the Gentlemen’s House club.

Over the years I’ve worked as a dancer, I’ve learned a lot about men. Today, it seems to me, I can often tell what they think or will say just by looking at them. I noticed that other girls who work with me acquire the same ability to feel people. Whatever one may say, we are all at least a little, but psychologists. If you think that men come to strip clubs just to stare at a naked female body, then you are deeply mistaken.

Of course, the fact that the dancers have beautiful figures, they have excellent control over their bodies and are able to move in a way that most untrained women cannot, plays a significant role. And of course, people go to a strip club primarily to watch the dance. But, probably, if it was only in the dance, then sooner or later he would become boring. Some visitors have come to us for years, and it seems to me that after a certain time they go not so much for dancing as for honesty.

Because striptease is a very honest dance. Because many men want to see a beautiful woman, watch her movements and at the same time frantically not think what the dancer really wants from him.

I noticed that … read more on onliner .by