Gentlemen's House

Gentlemen's House

Elite strip club in Minsk

Daily from 21:30 to 06:00

About striptease

In a world where mystery and art meet, striptease blossoms - the undeniable and sublime art of entertainment. Your club is a beacon of evening grace, where every movement becomes a chord in a symphony of pleasure. Striptease, in our exquisite space, carries not only beauty, but also inner strength. Men here find inspiration for bold actions, gaining self-confidence under the rays of light and magic.

The dancers of your club are not just performers, but artists of movement, creating a rush of delight in every viewer. This is a place where respect for art and beauty is taken to a new level. In this elegant space, as if in a dance of emotions, striptease becomes an expression of inner harmony and strength. Here, where light and shadow combine, our club emphasizes the exclusivity of striptease, turning it into a great art that requires respect for every moment.


Why "Gentlemen's House"?

At Gentlemen's House we have created a unique space where the passion for the art of striptease is combined with the magnificence of each performance. Our girls are the embodiment of beauty and professionalism, each dance is a real work of art.

Beauty in Motion
Our artists are not just dancers, they create beauty in every movement. Gorgeous and sophisticated, they invite you into a world where aesthetics meets passion.
Elegance and Privacy
Gentlemen's House" is not just a bar, it is an oasis of elegance and anonymity. We value each guest, creating a personal and cozy experience for everyone.
Professionalism and Sophistication
Our performances are not just a striptease, they are an immersion into a world where professionalism meets sophistication. We create an atmosphere in which every moment is an exceptional event.
We are located in the very heart of Minsk, we have become an integral part of the city's nightlife. We invite you to plunge into an atmosphere where beauty and passion combine in every corner of our bar.

We invite you to the World of Passion
and Elegance of "Gentlemen's House"!

When you decide to visit our bar, remember that you are entering a territory where beauty and passion come alive in every moment.
Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of "Gentlemen's House" and feel the splendor of what is happening?

Gift Certificate

When you don’t know what to give or how to surprise. At Gentleman's House you can purchase a certificate for any service as a gift.

  • A unique collage of performances;
  • Wonderful music ;
  • Elite Bar, in whose collections everything is harmonious;
  • Parking;
  • Unconditional confidentiality.

Club news

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Famous Hollywood Actor Visited Gentlemen's House" "Last weekend, Gentlemen's House received a celebrity guest - a famous Hollywood actor, whose name is still kept secret. He enjoyed exclusive VIP treatment and expressed admiration for the level of performance and professionalism of the performers. According to him, it was an unforgettable evening. Copy Translate Copy Translate Copy Translate

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Master classes on Striptease

Gentlemen's House Presents a Series of Striptease Master Classes from October 2-27. “For those who want to master the art of seduction, Gentlemen's House is opening a series of exclusive striptease master classes for the first time in October. These classes will be taught by the club's leading dancers and are aimed at developing grace, sensuality and confidence. Master classes promise to be not only educational, but also very

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Our team is a single family, where each member shares his love for
art and the desire to create unforgettable evenings for you.
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Daily from 21:30 to 06:00
Gentlemen's House
Call around the clock
Daily from 21:30 to 06:00
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